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Welcome to Trail Rock Ordnance

Steve and Dawn Cameron Pictured here is my wife Dawn and I at the battle of Blue Springs, TN 2003. The gun is "Elijah", a 3" CS Bronze Rifle as made by Tredegar.

I have always had an appreciation for Military hardware and history. I earned a BA in history from Carson Newman College and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Ordnanace branch of the Army. I found out right away that I enjoyed the technical aspects of weapons and ammunition much more than my peers. It was just a job to them. It is easy to learn a lot about a subject that is dear to you. I was trained in the munitions side of Ordnance, but assigned to a maintenance unit at Fort Carson, Colorado. Rebuilding starters and transmissions did not appeal to me.

The business began kind of in an unusual way. I had been part of a family owned business since leaving the Army in 1996. We provide dimensional wooden parts as well as steel castings and stampings to primarly the furniture industry. Every time we sourced a new part I though...if they can make furniture legs they can make Sabots, so I made drawings and ordered a batch of them. The same contacts that are used with the company have been applied to the artillery parts. In the fall of 2007, I started doing the cannon parts business full time.

The name of Trail Rock Ordnance is a little odd. There is a story behind it. While in the Army I lived on a cul-da-sac called Trail Rock Place. I shot rifles a lot while in Colorado and loaded a lot of ammunition. One day my friend, Major Mark Bellini came by, there was brass in the reloading room, brass in the living room, tumblers running in the garage. I was priming casings. He came in and said "It's like Trail Rock Ordnance here.", I thought it was catchy.

Opportunity for Involvement

Cadet 6 Pdr Gun @ Camden, TN. Live Shoot 2008 Reenacting: I am part of Burrough's Battery. We are always looking for recruits. We do Horse Drawn Artillery. We attend reenactments in East Tennessee, and throughout the Southeast. We also attend live fire competitions including Camp Grayling, Michigan.

Let me know if you would like to receive information about our battery.

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Shipping:All items are priced plus shipping from Blaine, TN 37709. Blaine is about 20 miles east of Knoxville, TN. For heavier items we get excellent truck rates which many times are better than UPS.

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We do not accept credit cards.

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